Who Can Participate?

Participation in the CHEM Graduation Ceremony

CHEM hosts a yearly graduation ceremony for homeschoolers

to celebrate and bring glory to God in the process.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to take part in our ceremony, students must be homeschooled. CHEM does not certify, issue, or approve graduation diplomas. The graduates do not graduate from CHEM, only with CHEM. Diplomas are awarded by the parents to their own graduate based upon completion of the graduation requirements and standards they have established for the home education of their own child.


As a service to the homeschool community, CHEM hosts a Christian graduation ceremony for homeschooling families who meet the following criteria:

The students have completed the graduation requirements as determined by their parents.

The students must be homeschooled. To be homeschooled, the majority of the student’s education must be privately funded and provided at home rather than in a classroom setting. Students whose education is home-based but provided by a publicly funded school are eligible to participate in CHEM Graduation ceremonies.


The total number of graduates that can participate in our ceremony each year is limited by the following:

The seating capacity of the church facility we are able to secure.

The maximum number of graduates is 25 due to the length of time a larger group would require.